Monday, 10 June 2013

Monsoon SMS In English - Happy Monsoon Season Messages - Rainy Day Quotes

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Every Rain Drop Would B One of Your Smile
I Wish That It Rains Heavily Through Out
So That
There’s No Space for Tears Your Life
Happy Rainy

Glory Of The Day, Soundless And Restrain
With Dark Clouds, And Blessings Of Rains
Clouds On Way, The Splashing Of Drops
Cheers Of Birds, Whispers Of Waves With Fame
Now Soothing Of Rain, With Rainbow’s Name
Praising In A Way, This Is Blessed In All Ways
Happy Rains

Heard The Rhythm Of The Raindrops
Dripping To The Ground
Heard The Rhythm Of The Raindrops
Dropping All Around
Heard The Rhythm Of The Raindrops
Drumming On The Rafter
Heard The Rhythm Of The Raindrops
Drowning Out Our Laughter

Rain Rain Go Away
Come Again Another Day
I Sung This Poem Yesterday
That’s Y Rain Come Today

Sunshine Is Delicious
Rain Is Refreshing
Wind Braces Us Up
Snow Is Exhilarating
There Is Really No Such Thing As Bad Weather
Only Different Kinds Of Good Weather
Have A Good Rainy Day

All bird picks shelter Except Eagle
He goes over cloud & avoids rain
Attitude makes him King of Sky

The Taste Of Oranges
The Walk In Forest
The Golden Sunlight
The Beauty Of Autumn Colors
The Magic Of Wet Red Leaves
Happy First Rain Of Winter

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