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Labor Day Wishes SMS - Labour Day Messages/Quotes, Greetings

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Labor Day Greetings SMS - Labour Day Wishes Messages

A bad day at work is
better than a good day in hell.
Happy Labor Day.

Labor was the first price,
the original purchase-money
that was paid for all things.
It was not by gold or by silver,
but by labor,
that all wealth of the world was originally purchased.
Happy Labor Day to all laborers.

Heaven is blessed with perfect rest
but the blessing of earth is toil.
Best wishes on Labor Day.
happy labor day

Labor disgraces no man;
unfortunately, you occasionally find men
who disgrace labor.
Happy Labor Day.

The Day Of The Month Of Sep..
Is Celebrated All Over USA
As A Spring Fertility Festival
To Honour Goddess Spring
Happy Labor Day America..

Happy Labor Day
Remember that labor means
hard-work but not at
the cost of being deprived of your rights

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