Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Welcome Back SMS - Short and Latest WelCome Back Quotes

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WELCOME BACK SMS/Messages - WELCOME Short Quotes

 Welcome back to work! It’s great having you back on the team!

 A Cheery Hello, this comes just to say a warm hello along with a prayer that God will keep you in His loving care. I wish you all the best!

Welcome to the team! It will be great having you aboard!

Welcome to the company! We pride ourselves on being just like one big family.

Welcome back to work! I suppose you want your supplies back now?

Welcome to the team! Now for the ground rules…
1. No gossip…
2. No complaining…
3. No slacking…
4. No negativity…
5. No coffee breaks…
6. No casual clothes…
7. No office romances…
8. No sleeping on the job…J

Just kidding! Have a great time!

 I know it’s your first day so I don’t want to pile too much on but…You’re already a week late on that report! By the way, welcome to the team!

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