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Independence Day 2015 SMS - 15 August Wishes Messages Hindi/English

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Hindi Independence Day 2015 SMS - 15 August 2015 Wishes in English

15 August is a National Holiday and it has become indian auspicious Day,in 2015, Independence Day (15th August, 2015) Falls on Saturday. National Holiday In india anniversary of the Nation's Independence from the British Empire on 15 August, 1947.

Independence Day is a red-letter day in India's political history . we are here to give you latest sms on our National Festival "Independence Day", "15th August-2015"

*Independence Day SMS in Hindi | 15 August-2015 Messages*

Chalo Fir Se Khud Ko Jagate Hai,
Anusasan Ka Danda Fir Ghumate Hai,
Sunhara Rang Hai Gantantra Ka Sahido Ke Lahoo Se,
Aise Sahido Ko Ham Sab Sar Jhukate Hai,

Zamane bhar me milte hai aashiq kai,
Magar watan se khubsurat koi sanam nahi hota,
Sone ke kafan me lipat mare shashak kai,
Magar Tirange se khubsurat koi kafan nahi hota.

Swatantra Divas ni Subhkamna

Chhadh gaye jo hasker suli..
Khai jinhone sine per goli..
Hum unko parnaam karte hain,
Jo mit gaye dekh per..
Hum unko salaam karte hain.

Happy 15 August-2015

Kuch Nasha ‘TIRANGE’ ki Aaan ka hai.
Kuch Nasha ‘MATRBHUMI’ ki Shaan ka hai.
Hum Lahrayenge har Jagah ye ‘TIRANGA’
Nasha Ye ‘HINDUSTAN’ ki Shaan ka hai..
Jai ho..

*Happy Independence Day short SMS in English *

We celebrate Valentine day and We enjoy friendship day.
Because we are free and Independent to do this in India.
So the biggest achievement is our INDEPENDENT DAY.
Happy Independence Day

They Join hands in Hands,
Brave Indian all!

By uniting we stand
by dividing we fall,

Azadi Mubarak

Other might have forgotten,
But never can i,
The Flag of my country
Furls very high,

Happy Independence day

Independence day is a
good time to examine
who we are and how we got here.


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