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Funny Good Evening SMS - Good Evening pranks Quotes

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Funny Good Evening SMS - Good Evening pranks Quotes

Only A Lovable Friend Can Feel Ur
Silent Pain
And Will Hold Ur Hand Till U Become Strong Again…!!
Keep Ur True Friends Always With U. .!!;-);-)
:) Gud Evening  :)

In Life,
We Have A Lot To Lose & Very Little To Choose..!
Whenever U Get A Chance To Choose,
Do It Wisely & See Dat U
Gud Evening

Girl- remove my top…
Justin bieber- did it..
Girl- now remove my skirt ..
Justin bieber- did it..
Girl- I will kill u Justin if you wear my clothes again! :p
Good Evening Dear :)

Cute And True Lines –
Never Choose A Dear One Without Understanding And Never Loose A Dear One Because Of Misunderstanding…
Good Evening All

“Being Happy Doesn't Mean Everything’s Perfect..
It Just Means
We Have Decided To See Everything Beyond The Imperfections”.
Good Evening…lovely friends

Quote for the Day:
Attitude, Money and Ego are like underwear.
You have it, but you should not show it.
Unless you are Superman.
Gud Eve Dear :)

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