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Valentine's Day SMS Collection - Valentines Day Msg & Quotes for Lovers

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About Valentine's Day

Valentine Day is celebrated by lovers and its known as the feast of saint valentine and its celebrated on 14th February each year. there are many of countries around the world are celebrated this day, mostly this craze are in youngster

Valentine's Day is Last Day of Valentine week means its day of 14th February. On this day, that is not a public holiday but it celebrates by Love Birds, they are meet and hug together with express this love and promise to be together forever, this day is very cute and awesome day for lovers couple, love birds are always waiting for this love significance day means Valentine's Day <3

Valentine's Day Love Cute Messages Collections

-->If we date and you become my Valentine:
You can have my phone password;
Read my Msg and emails and answer my phone;
Get on my Facebook and Twitter and see my Whatsapp!
You see, I'll have nothing to hide except for you from the world!
Happy Valentine's day sweetheart!

Love is a divine feeling
But when u lost love u r lost
Love is the strongest intangible thing
A weapon that makes u strong and
Can hurt more than a bullet..
Happy Valentines Day 2014 !!!

Your beautiful eyes !
Your warming smile And
Your wonderful country accent..
 Makes me Always smile..
I love you be mine for ever my love..
Happy Valentines Day 2014 !!!

Love You Very Much “I am shy to talk to you Foolish I do not know why What to be scared of You remind me of stars in the sky Beautiful and bright You are a joyful sight”

Valentine's Day 2014 SMS in Hindi

Kon Rakhta hai Yaad Naamo Ko,
Log chehro ko bhool jaate he,
Tum samander ki baat karti ho,
Log aankhon mein doob jatey hain.
Happy Valentines Day 2014 !!!

Main Mar Jaun To Mujhe Jala Dena,
Usse Pahle Mera Dil Ko Nikal Lena,
Mujhe Parwah Nahi Is Dil Ki Jal Jane Ki,
Mujhe Parwah Hai Is Dil Mein Rahne Wali Ki…
Valentine Day 2014

Pyar shabdo ka mohtaj nahi Hota.
Dil me Har kisi ke raz nahi Hota;
kyun intezaar karte Hai sabhi valentine day ka.
Kya saal ka Har din pyar ka Haqdaar nahi Hota?

Ashiq ne pucha khuda se
Tune dunia ko Pyaar ka dushman kyu bana diya..
Khuda hansa aur bola
Ashiqo ne kaun sa mere sath achcha kiya hai…
Unhone to Yaar ko hi khuda bana diya…

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