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Valentine's Day Love Quotes for lovers - Happy Valentine Day SMS in English

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Valentines Special Love Quotes

“With my last breath, I’ll exhale my love for you. I hope it’s a cold day, so you can see what you meant to me.

“Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.”

“All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.”

“Patience and wisdom walk hand in hand, like two one-armed lovers.”

“Love is the foolishness of men, and the wisdom of God.”

“Lovers and madmen have such seething brains Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend More than cool reason ever comprehends.”

Happy Valentine Day Messages in English

I love you with all my heart
Right from the very start
Our love grows stronger everyday
With everything you do and say
Happy Valentine’s Day
Our love is here to stay.
Happy Valentine Day 2014 to my love!

Dear Hubby(Honey)
I love you lot g! Be with me always!
I am glad that I chose to walk with you
I am more than willing and happy to walk
an extra mile with you as I hold your hand
I Love You always and forever!!

I love you for a life time
Not only for a day
I love you for who you are
Not what you do or say
I love the way you love me back
So there is only one thing I can say
I love you baby ..
Happy Valentine Day

Wë cännöt bë tögëthër!
Büt, Wë will nëvër bë äpärt,
för nö mätter whät lifë brings tö üs,
Yöu'rë älwäys in my Hëärt! <3

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